IMG_1122Cherie Noel

Cherie is the founder of Lyrically Addicted. Cherie is currently a part time student and full time manager at a retail establishment, but she still finds time to devote to her writing which is her true passion. In addition to writing for and running this website she also writes fiction and some day hopes to become a published author. Her favorite gernres of music are rock and British indie folk.

vas3048Vasilis Drimalitis

Vasilis is the co-founder of Lyrically Addicted, and remains one of the main writers for the blog. Vas is graduate of Hofstra Universirty and he lives in New York City.  He loves music and in his free time frequently attends concerts and enjoys finding new bands to listen to. He hopes to work in the music industry and loves to write, especially about music and sports. In addition to music he is a proud and long-suffering fan of the New York Mets, Rangers, and Giants.


Ken Grand-Pierre

Ken is a music photographer/journalist currently based in New York City. When he’s not holding a camera in front of his face he can be found watching films, eating copious amounts of eggs, and trying to convince the world that the X-Men films are awesome. His favorite musical genres include British indie, alternative, electronica, and anything that sounds ‘good.’


Ryan is one of the original co-foudners of Lyrically Addicted and a former writer. He is currently attending graduate school in Rhode Island.


The founders of Lyrically Addicted.

From left to right: Ryan, Vasilis and Cherie

 cherielogo copy

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