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Radio Schmadio

Sean McColgan, Guest Contributor

Hey all! Sean here. You might remember me from a few years back, collaborating with PledgeMusic and Derek Archambault working towards Derek’s recovery (he’s doing great these days, by the way, so thanks for all your help!). I’ve got a new project I’m working on right now, called Radio Schmadio. The idea behind this is curating playlists for small businesses, specializing in coffee shops and bars. Please feel free to poke around on my site and let me know what you think – sign up for the newsletter, check out the sample playlist we have to offer, send suggestions my way. You can do all of that at and you can direct tweets to @radio_schmadio as well as liking Radio Schmadio on Facebook. Thanks!

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New Music // Skinny Lister – “Wanted”

“Wanted” is the first track taken from Skinny Lister’s upcoming third album, “The Devil, The Heart & The Fight” which is due to be released on September 30, 2016 from Xtra Mile Recordings. You can preorder the new album here, and be sure to check their website for tour dates in the United Kingdom as well as the United States.

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New Music // Beans on Toast – “The Great American Novel”

The first time Jay tried to write a song about his time in America it ended up being “too sappy” so he scrapped it and wrote “Fuck You Nashville” instead. His second attempt, “The Great American Novel” manages to find some ground in between those two extremes. “It’s my love letter to America,” Jay explains.

Check out his video for the single, taken off his upcoming album “Rolling Up the Hill” which is out December 1st on Xtra Mile Recordings.

And if you live in America be sure to catch Jay as he tours the US with Skinny Lister and Frank Turner.


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Top 25 Albums of 2014 (As Picked By Vas)

by: Vasilis

Better late than never! I have been making “Best Of” lists since 2008 and it is always one of my favorite parts of the year. I love spending copious amounts of time in November and December combing through the releases I loved, the releases I may have slept on and missed entirely from being too busy, and even the releases I didn’t like at first (two of my top 15 albums this year were records I did not like after the first few listens earlier in the year). With that said, 2014 was a great year for music and, next to 2011 (the best year of music in this decade by a mile), this is probably my single favorite top 10 I’ve put together in terms of pure quality of the releases and the bands doing the releasing. I could even extend this to my top 13 albums, all of which hit me especially hard at one point or another.

As always, this is a personal list and is not meant to reflect the 25 best albums released this year; I do have a very specific and select taste in music and do not pretend otherwise. You will not find Taylor Swift, St. Vincent, or FKA Twigs on this list, as their music does not appeal to me (it doesn’t mean it’s not good, it’s just not my thing). Also, I stand by all 25 albums (and 5 EPs) on this list and would recommend them very highly. Without further adieu, here they are! My 25 top albums of 2014.


05. Four Year Strong – Down In History


Favorite Track: “What’s in the Box?”

04. Beach Slang – Cheap Thrills on a Dead End Street


Favorite Track: “American Girls and French Kisses”

03. The Color and Sound – Peace of Mind


Favorite Track: “Cigarettes”

02. Allison Weiss – Remember When


Favorite Track: “Remember When”

01. The Front Bottoms – Rose


Favorite Track: “Jim Bogart”


25. Andrew Jackson Jihad – Christmas Island


Favorite Track: “Temple Grandin”

24. Rx Bandits – Gemini, Her Majesty


Favorite Track: “Wide Open”

23. PrawnKingfisher


Favorite Track: “First as Tragedy, Second as Farce”

22. Somos – Temples of Plenty


Favorite Track: “Dead Wrong”

21. Tiny Moving Parts – Pleasant Living


Favorite Track: “Boxcar”

20. Have Mercy – A Place of Our Own


Favorite Track: “Spacecrafts”

19. Tigers Jaw – Charmer


Favorite Track: “Nervous Kids”

18. Hostage Calm – Die on Stage


Favorite Track: “Your Head / Your Heart”

17. Taking Back Sunday – Hapiness Is…


Favorite Track: “Better Homes and Gardens”

16. The Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt


Favorite Track: “Dark Places”

15. Manchester Orchestra – COPE/HOPE


Favorite Track: “Cope”

14. Say Anything – Hebrews

say anything

Favorite Track: “Kall Me Kubrick”



Favorite Track: “Reservoir”

12. You Blew It!Keep Doing What You’re Doing

you blew it

Favorite Track: “Award of the Year Award”

11. Driver Friendly – Unimagined Bridges


Favorite Track: “Stand So Tall (ft. Dan Campbell)”

10. Joyce Manor – Never Hungover Again


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Joyce Manor’s third album Never Hungover Again follows the mold of short songs but is their best work yet. The songs are fun, fast and strike you immediately and display improved musicianship and songwriting. The band hit home on every emotional note, especially on album highlights “Heart Tattoo” and “Schley”.

Favorite Track: “Heart Tattoo”

09. La Dispute – Rooms of the House

la dispute

Warning: Never listen to La Dispute when in a fragile emotional state. The band’s music is saturated with powerful human situations and speak of suffering and pain. Each track is its own story and combines to form the novel that is the band’s third album. Look no further than opener “Hudsonville MI 1956” and “Scenes from Highways 1981-2009” to be brought to the edge of tears.

Favorite Track: “Hudsonville, MI 1956”

08. Modern BaseballYou’re Gonna Miss It All

modern baseball

This album, 10 months after its release, is still a ton of fun to listen to. Sung with an almost noticeable goofy grin, the band’s music doesn’t it take itself too seriously (despite being classified as “emo”) with lyrics about iphones, graduating, and watching TV and brainstorming tattoo ideas with your friends. It’s the album written for 20-somethings by 20-somethings, and it’s a real blast from start to finish. Full Review

Favorite Track: “Your Graduation”

07. Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues

against me

This album is important, there’s no other way to say it. Laura Jane Grace sings about her experiences as a transgender woman in a way that is eye-opening and empowering to the LGBTQ community. She shines a light on her pain and problems while also speaking of hope and can be a huge stepping point for the community in the punk scene. It doesn’t hurt that the music is edgy and in-your-face, one of their best albums yet. Full Review

Favorite Track: “Black Me Out”

06. Fireworks – Oh, Common Life

fire works 1

Dave Mackinder uses Firework’s third album to pay tribute to his late father (who passed away while the band was on tour in 2011), creating a dark, poppy punk record built around heavier use of keyboards and mellower guitar tones. The band’s fun sound isn’t compromised though (as is evident on the upbeat “Play ‘God Only Knows’ at My Funeral” and “Flies on Tape”). This album builds off the band’s incredible sophomore effort Gospel and takes their sound to places it’s never gone before. Full Review

Favorite Track: “Run, Brother, Run”

05. I Am the AvalancheWolverines

i am 1

Sporting a ferocious bite (much like the band’s sophomore LP Avalanche United), Long Island’s I Am the Avalanche present a personal and heartfelt punk album. Wolverines is an ode to life, including the good (friends getting married on the feverishly quick “177”) and the bad (becoming addicted to pain killers on punchy “The Shape I’m In”). The band continues to improve with every release and have found their niche. Full Review

Favorite Track: “Young Kerouacs”

04. Bayside – CULT


CULT is a celebration of everything Bayside have accomplished over their career (the band turns 15 in 2015). The album is a “greatest hits” of sorts, combining elements of each of their five prior studio albums to create a perfect snapshot of the band’s classic sound. Album highlights include the explosive opener “Big Cheese”, the sweet and sincere “Transitive Property” and the introspective “Objectivist on Fire”. Full Review

Favorite Track: “Objectivist On Fire”

03. The Hotelier – Home, Like Noplace Is There


Sometimes a band comes seemingly out of nowhere and sweeps the scene off their feet. The Hotelier was that band and Home, Like Noplace Is There was that album in 2014. Stunningly sincere, personal, and brilliant musically and lyrically, this album is a masterpiece reminiscent of a veteran band and not a group that is releasing their sophomore album. Home, Like Noplace Is There has the chance to define the “emo revival” genre for years to come. Opener “An Introduction to the Album” and closer “Dendron” are two of the best songs of the year and wonderfully bookmark this album.

Favorite Track: “The Scope of All This Rebuilding”

02. The Menzingers – Rented World


At this point, no one should be surprised at all at what The Menzingers can do and instead should wonder what can’t the band do? Their fourth album follows their 2012 magnum opus On the Impossible Past and is well-crafted and personal. Opener “I Don’t Wanna Be an Asshole Anymore” and lead single “In Remission” are two of the best songs the band has written, and the acoustic closer “When You Died” is an unexpected wonderful change of pace for the band. Full Review

Favorite Track: “In Remission”

01. Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties – We Don’t Have Each Other


There’s not much I can say about this album (or Dan Campbell from The Wonder Years) that I haven’t said in my many reviews of his work. His storytelling is impeccable and he continues to push his capabilities further with every album and project. Full Review

Favorite Track: “Carolina Coast”

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New Music // Beans on Toast – “A Whole Lot of Loving”

by Cherie

Our favorite drunk folk singer is back with new songs from his upcoming album The Grand Scheme of Things that’s due out on December 1st (of course) on XtraMile Recordings. Listen to his new single “A Whole Lot of Loving” and be sure to keep an ear out for some (rumored) upcoming North American tour dates.

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New Music // Marina and the Diamonds – “Froot”

Welsh singer Marina and the Diamonds released the title track from her upcoming album “Froot” last week. Froot will be the third album from the singer, whose previous album Electra Heart which debuted at number one on the British music charts.


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Box Tiger Tease New Music and Announce Two October Shows

Our friends in The Box Tiger have been working on some new music and two weeks ago they posted a teaser for their newest single “Fire Walk With Me” over on their facebook page. It’s just a short fifteen second clip but fans will be excited to learn the full track will be released sometime in Novemeber – with a short tour to celebrate it’s release.

Until then the band is playing just two more shows in October. You can catch them on October 30th in Portsmouth, NH and in their hometown of Portland on the 31st. Check out their facebook page for more details.


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Boston Calling Forces Temporary Evacuation Due to Lightning Storm

by Cherie

The second day of Boston Calling Music Festival took place this Saturday at Government Center in downtown Boston, and this year the young festival had its first real test. Thunderstorms rolled into the city around 6pm yesterday evening forcing festival organizers to issue a “shelter in place” order. Attendees were forced to leave the venue and were encouraged to take shelter in nearby restaurants and a parking garage until the inclement weather had passed.

tumblr_nbinhgEyMP1qizglvo6_1280SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The festival took to it’s social media pages, primarily twitter, to keep the public informed as to what was happening. After the first round of thunderstorms swept through they were forced to assess the damage that the storm had created. Damaged equipment and fences had to be repaired before the crowd was allowed to renter the festival grounds. A second wave of inclement weather further delayed the festival from reopening, but through it all the festival organizers remained adamant that it was merely a delay and not a cancellation.

Finally around 8:40pm the festival organizers announced that the gates were once again open and that the festival would resume around 9. Two sets were cancelled due to the delay – Volcano Choir and Girl Talk – but Lorde and Childish Gambino were to take the stage as planned, though both had shortened sets due to an 11pm sound curfew.

As the time inched closer and closer to 9 and a majority of the festival goers were still queued outside the venue waiting to be let back in, and the crowd began to get tense. Though the festival staff did their best to speed up the process it was slow going at first. One entry point, even with multiple gates, was simply not enough to handle the influx of thousands of impatient people. Lorde’s set started shortly after 9 in an attempt to wait until everyone was back in, and she thanked the crowd profusely for sticking around.

While most festival goers were calm an accepted the situation, many also took to social media to voice their outrage over the situation, forcing the festival to respond that there would be no refunds offered. “We’re as bummed as you are to have missed Volcano Choir and Girl Talk due to Crazy Weather” the festival tweeted on Saturday night in response to festival goers outrage. “Artists are always subject to change, and we are a rain or shine event. The show must, and did, go on. No refunds will be issued.”

Though it was frustrating for festival goers to have to evacuate and wait for official word on when to come back, festival staff did their best to make sure people were informed thanks to the festival’s official twitter and facebook page. They were able to evacuate the venue quickly and efficiently, and they resumed the festival as soon as it was safe to do so. Though the festival is rain or shine, lightning storms and wind are a different situation entirely and the decision to shut down the festival temporarily was entirely justified.

So let’s raise a toast to the fantastic Boston Calling festival organizers, volunteers, and crew who made this weekend possible. They certainly earned it.


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Cold War Kids Announce “Hold My Home” Release Date, Track Listing

Cold War Kids have decided not to wait too long to follow up their 2013 effort Dear Miss Lonelyhearts. The California-born indie rock band, which burst onto the scene with their 2006 debut album Robbers & Cowards (featuring the hit single “Hang Me Up to Dry”) have announced that they will be releasing their fifth studio effort, Hold My Home, on October 21, just 18 months after their last album. You can stream a new music video for “All This Could Be Yours” and check out the album art and track listing below. Additionally, the band is offering an instant download of two new songs instantly (“All This Could Be Yours” and “First”) if you preorder the album on iTunes


1. All This Could Be Yours
2. First
3. Hot Coals
4. Drive Desparate
5. Hotel Anywhere
6. Go Quietly
7. Nights & Weekends
8. Hold My Home
9. Flower Drum Song
10. Harold Bloom
11. Hear My Baby Call

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Xtra Mile Skiffle Shows

by Cherie

This summer, Xtra Mile Recordings reached out to their street team members to plan something exciting. The label wanted to host a series of acoustic living room shows, which were inspired by 1920s skiffles – rent parties with a small charge designed to cover the cost of rent. The idea was to have one of the many wonderful Xtra Mile artists play a series of small shows in the living rooms of its street team members.


It took some feverish behind the scenes planning, but a few months after the idea was first proposed it was announced that the first tour was in the final planning stages. Barry Dolan, aka Oxygen Thief, will be hitting the east coast of the US for the first time this fall for a good old fashion Skiffle Tour. Oxygen Thief just released a new album last month and it has quickly become one of our favorites for the year so far. You can check out his latest video for “Too Many Trees” (renamed “Too Many Tees”), featuring members of the street team.

 We here at Lyrically Addicted are thrilled to announce that one of the stops on the Skiffle Tour will be hosted by none other than yours truly! Be sure to follow us on our social media sites (facebook and twitter) for more content as we get closer to the date!

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