“(Don’t) Bleed Me Dry” – Laura Marling

by Cherie


Not content to rest on her laurels, Laura Marling is one of those rare artists who not only is constantly working on new music but also performing it before its been perfected. “I’m going to play a new song now, and there’s a high chance that I might fuck it up,” she often jokes before playing a new track for a live audience. The end result is multiple live versions of a song that circulate on youtube before the final, polished and often strikingly different, version is released on an album. Since she released her debut album in 2008, Marling has released three more albums, with barely a year between I Speak Because I Can (her second) and A Creature I Don’t Know (her third). Once I was an Eagle, her fourth album to date was released just last year and has been highly rated by most critics, with some even going so far as to call it a masterpiece. Since its release Marling has since relocated to LA and ditched the band to tour solo, a first for the singer who has always been surrounded by a talented backing band.


Though she seems to have taken a break from touring for the time being, Marling still shows no sign of slowing down. She performed several brand new songs while on tour, both live and for various radio stations. One of these songs, Bleed Me Dry, is stunning in its simplicity and features Marling at her sharpest. “I have left so many men asking why / why I go and change my mind overnight / they can’t figure me out / they’ll end themselves with doubt. / Well it’s love that they sought / and I was taught / not to give it away / unless your sure,” she sings. Ouch. Marling might look waifish and vulnerable in person but she packs a hell of a punch. With a voice that can be both sultry and heavenly, Marling has never shied away from telling it like it is. Even in its raw, unpolished form, the song in an absolute gem.

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