Currently Stuck in My Head – “Give Up” by Miles Kane

by Cherie

There are just some songs that can instantly improve your mood, regardless of how bad a day you might be having. “Give Up” by Miles Kane is one of those songs for me. It doesn’t matter what kind of mood I’m in; tired, hungry, angry, stressed, happy, or something in between. The second this song comes over my speakers I’m ready to kick ass and take names.

“Give Up” is the first single off of Kane’s second album, Don’t Forget Who You Are, and its an aggressive, in-your-face rock song. The song comes on strong and doesn’t ever slow down. “People call me superstitious / well they’d better watch their tongues / this one is so malicious / got me on the hit and run” Kane sings on the opening verse. The lyrics are sharp and biting but the song is upbeat enough that it ends up leaving the listener with an empowered feeling, rather then a bitter aftertaste. And, of course the song features superb guitars; a subtle reminder that Miles started out not as a lead sing but as the lead guitarist for a now defunct band.

Don’t Forget Who You Are is a great album overall, and “Give Up” was a perfect choice for a first single. If you only know Miles Kane as “the other half of the Last Shadow Puppets” you really should check out his solo work; its fantastic.

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November 24, 2013 · 2:19 am

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