“THANK YOU STREETLIGHT!” – A Moment of Silence For One Of My Favorite Bands

by Vasilis, contributing writer


There are so many things I will remember from the last Streetlight Manifesto show at Starland Ballroom on November 16, 2013.

The drive. The anxiety shifting to a sense of accomplishment that I made it on my own. The huge parking lot. The excitement of the line moving. The first step inside Starland Ballroom. The beautiful bathrooms. Exploring a new venue. We Do The Ska. Gumby and The Banana. Chants of BA-NA-NA! Cheering for iHop. “Fuck You Dennys!” Crowd surfers during Dan Potthast’s set. Dance party during Dan’s set. Larry! “We’re all ass-holes! *clap clap clapclapclap*”. Bubbles. Camera crews. The lights going down. The forward rush of the floor as the band took the stage. Sweat. Pain. Pushing. Getting smacked in the head. The familiar excitement of hearing “We Will Fall Together”. Sweat. Tomas’ grunting stage banter. Bending the rules to play “We Are The Few” even though they played it the night before. Hearing their entire new album The Hands That Thieve. Tomas forgetting the words to “Your Day Will Come”. “Stick THAT on your tumblr!” So much sweat. The Big Sleep. 12341234. Somewhere In The Between. “Thank You Streetlight! *clap clap clapclapclap*”. “We’re Not Leaving! *clap clap clapclapclap*”. The final bow. The music coming up. My new beautiful poster. The end of the night. The ride home.


There are so many things I will remember from the 15 Streetlight Manifesto shows I have been to in my life, from my first show at Roseland Ballroom on January 20, 2009.

Losing my glasses 5 times, only to find them before they were crushed. The sweat and post-show showers. Losing my voice. Horn parts sounded out by mouth. That time I happened to be in DC when they were and ended up going to see them at the 930 Club. The biggest Warped Tour circle pit I ever saw. Everything Goes Numb in its entirety. Seeing The Wonder Years for the first time and instantly falling in love. Conga line during Reel Big Fish’s set. Seeing them play my college campus. The Crazy Donkey post-hiatus show.  Meeting Michael Emerson. The insane pits. The skanking. Chants for Mrs. Buttersworth. Fans playing “duck, duck goose” pre-show. Tomas’ stage banter (or lack thereof). The amazing horn lines. The insane drumming. So much sweat. The excitement of buying a ticket. The wait until the show. The sadness when it’s over.

Without this band, my love for live music would not have been born. I owe this band a tremendous debt of gratitude. Tomas Kalnoky has made it clear this is not the end of the band, it’s the end for now. So to Streetlight Manifesto, I say this is not goodbye, this is see you later.

A moment of silence, please…



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