Band of the Week – The Last Shadow Puppets

by Cherie

Lately I’ve been on a rock kick.

It all started when I first heard the new Arctic Monkey album, “AM”. I was instantly hooked on the band, though I’d never really given them much of a listen before. Once I started listening to their back catalog, which is quite immense, I fell in love. When someone told me that the lead singer, Alex Turner, had a side project called the Last Shadow Puppets I was thrilled to discover there was more to listen to. I didn’t realize until I started listening that TLSP was actually a collaborative project with fellow Brit Miles Kane. Combing their lyrical wit and vocal harmonies with a twenty-two piece orchestra, the two young musicians created a lush experience for their debut album; making the listener feel like they were listening to the soundtrack of a sixties thriller. It’s dark and brooding at times but its utterly brilliant.

One of the biggest highlights of The Last Shadow Puppets is that the boys trade off lead vocals between harmonies. At the time they recorded their first, and sadly only, album, Turner was already a big name in the music world thanks to the huge success of the Arctic Monkeys. A lot of press was given to him and the Monkeys even when he was doing interviews with Kane for TLSP. But both Turner and Kane have always made it clear that TLSP was a fully collaborative process, with two equally talented minds coming together to create something extraordinary.

Its been five years since the release of TLSP’s debut album “The Age of the Understatement”, and at this point in time there seems to be no concrete plans for a second album; though both Kane and Turner have repeatedly expressed a wish to do so in the future. With all the time that has passed since the last album it would be interesting to see what direction the boys would decide to go in with a second album. For now though, I’ll happily put this album on repeat indefinitely.

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November 2, 2013 · 4:36 pm

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